We all want to see California thrive. We donate, volunteer, and vote to make it that way. But too often, we don't see the change we need.

48,000 people live on the streets of Los Angeles County years after we voted to spend billions to house them. Too many of us can’t afford to save for the future and also pay rent. Worsening fires are polluting our air and harming our health.

I'm a scientist — I'm trained to break down daunting problems and find solutions that work in the real world. I'm also a community organizer — I’ve helped the people our systems have failed and know the stakes of not fixing them. The change we need can only come when everyone's insights, experience, and energy push in the same direction. I want to represent you in Sacramento to bring us together and make that happen.

Our task is hard, but I believe in us. I know we can make California live up to our vision and, together, we will.

Work for California.

Work with us.


Service is a core ethos of our campaign, we have many volunteer opportunities available, but we are also happy to connect you with other organizations doing great work.